The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools V4 Category Highlight: Artifact/Package Management + Source Control Management


The next version of the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is almost here! In past versions of the Table, both Source Control and Artifact Management were grouped within the same category. The number of tools and capabilities within each group has grown to the point that it now makes sense to separate and let our voters choose the best in each category. Today’s blog highlights both types of commonly used repositories…

Source Control Management

Source Control has been part of software development since the very early days… long before DevOps. Source control is the practice of tracking and managing changes to user readable code. This ensures that developers are always working on the right version of the code. Source control is important for maintaining a single source of truth for development teams and allows multiple developers to work on the same codebase. Source control ensures that users can commit and merge code without conflicts. And they can even make edits to shared code, without unknowingly overwriting each other’s work. There are a number of great source control systems out there, so let us know your favorites!

Artifact/Package Management

Artifacts/Package Management tools are used to securely store, organize, and distribute artifacts, which include binary files plus their metadata, in a single centralized location. It reduces the amount of time spent downloading dependencies and prevents inconsistencies by allowing development teams to find the right version of an artifact easily. Artifact repositories have become essential for helping organizations release code faster especially in high performing DevOps Environments. Vote and help us identify the best!


Vote Now!

Vote here for your favorite Source Control Management and Artifact/Package Management tools to be included in version 4 of the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools! (Voting for ALL categories is open, by the way.) We have 12,500+ votes already across all categories, and now it’s YOUR turn to have a say. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the voting page
  • Select a category
  • Vote and rank your favorite tools
  • Optional: After casting your votes, you can also enter to win great XebiaLabs’ Periodic Table of DevOps Tools swag!

Note: Voting closes on April 20!

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