Indie Research Outlines ARO Needs, Challenges, & Frustrations

According to new research by the analyst firm Research in Action (RIA), almost 70% of enterprises are implementing their first application release orchestration (ARO) solution or shopping for a new one.

In a survey of more than 1,500 enterprise IT managers around the world, only 32% of those interviewed said they were sticking with their current ARO solution. So why are so many so late to the party or looking to switch partners?

Many early adopters are looking to upgrade to solutions that advance their continuous delivery capabilities, and complexity is a big reason why many enterprises have stayed on the sidelines.

According to the report, the number of tools and frameworks within the DevOps tool chain has become “daunting” and understanding, implementing, and connecting these tools is “a challenge many enterprise IT teams will face in 2020.” Other challenges include tool maintenance, automation, and integrations due to mergers and acquisitions.

To thrive in this environment, strategy is key and ARO is a critical component. As RIA explains, “the adoption of ARO can automate and improve the release cadence, improve quality and efficiency to accelerate innovation, support transformations, and allow for efficient work between the responsible teams.”

 XebiaLabs – The Global Leader in ARO

Whether you are selecting your first ARO solution or looking for a new ARO partner, large enterprises and industry experts agree that XebiaLabs is the best ARO solution available today.

XebiaLabs was ranked number one overall in the survey, and came out on top in strategy, execution and customer satisfaction as well. According to the report, “the current release of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform enables the orchestration of business applications across technical release pipelines bringing everyone involved to track progress.”

The report found that XebiaLabs Release Orchestration enables enterprises to manage release pipelines with ease, while “reducing the expense –in both time and labor –involved in building, maintaining, and scaling the software pipelines that run a large business.” And in closing said that “enterprises who are wanting to orchestrate their complex software delivery at scale will find XebiaLabs a solid partner for their DevOps journey.”

The 2020 Vendor Selection Matrix compares vendor capabilities based on feedback from more than 1,500 interviews and provides insight into key trends to help enterprises make informed purchase decisions.

Whether you’re choosing your first ARO solution or looking for a new ARO provider, the 2020 ARO Vendor Selection Matrix will help you:

  • Create your ARO vendor shortlist based on feedback and insight from your peers
  • Benchmark your progress in ARO implementation and integration
  • Gain best practices for ARO selection and adoption

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