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As organizations start to embrace DevOps best practices like automated testing, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery, they often find that business stakeholders and technical stakeholders have conflicting needs. Business users need tools that make it easy to monitor features as they move through the software delivery pipeline and to ensure that the right release steps are being followed. Technical users need tools that are fast, flexible, and designed for integration and automation. This “suits versus hoodies” struggle makes it seem like the two groups live in different worlds—even though ultimately, they both want to deliver value to users.

Business Stakeholders… Technical Stakeholders…
Want to safely and quickly release new features that deliver value to customers and support the product vision Want to implement and improve automation in the software delivery pipeline
Plan headline features in response to customer requests and market needs Deliver new functionality and refine the development backlog
Coordinate automated and manual software delivery activities Automate build, integration, test, provisioning, and deployment tasks
Define and enforce security and compliance requirements for releases Integrate code analysis tools to ensure security and compliance needs are met
Use GUIs to design, orchestrate, and execute release processes Define pipelines and infrastructure in code and apply them using an API or CLI
Use dashboards and reports to track release progress, watch for delays, and identify opportunities to improve Use build monitors and log files to maintain release health and troubleshoot technical problems

XebiaLabs’ Your Mode DevOps approach extends DevOps across the entire organization, so that business and technical team members can collaborate on the software delivery process while working in their preferred way. Business users can take advantage of friendly GUIs and dashboards to coordinate release activities and monitor releases, while technical users can define all release and deployment components in code that integrates seamlessly with their CI/CD pipelines.

Plus, XebiaLabs’ comprehensive Software Chain of Custody capabilities relieve the pain of audit and compliance reporting for all stakeholders—saving resources, time, and money. Technical users can use the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to automatically collect data for audit reports across all of the tools in their DevOps toolchain, for every single release. And business stakeholders can get the reports they need, on-demand, with the push of a button—without waiting for the development team to find the time to generate them.

Your Mode DevOps is a complete solution for spreading DevOps best practices to all teams across the enterprise, no matter what their world looks like.

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