How to Take the Fear out of Software Audits

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If you had to choose one word that strikes fear in your heart, what would it be?

Here’s one I can think of…


Whether we’re talking taxes or software, audits fill us with dread. Where software audit reporting is concerned, the typical scenario looks like this:

  • DevOps teams spend thousands of hours a year to meet audit requirements, a process that can take 100+ hours per report and weeks of lead time!
  • Audit, security and finance don’t get the data they need, so they won’t approve releases because they can’t prove compliance. 
  • Enterprises waste a ton of money and time creating audit reports. DevOps teams hate doing them. And the results don’t meet the need.
  • Teams hate doing this work because it takes them away from doing the real work of creating valuable features. 

Happy times. 

Unfortunately, we have no good news to share about lessening the drudgery of tax audits (sorry!). But software compliance audits—that’s a different story. 

Recently, XebiaLabs introduced the first and only Release Audit Report that covers all release activities in an enterprise’s software delivery pipeline at the push of a single button. The report provides evidence for every single manual and automated task in the software delivery process, instantly: who did whatwhen, and where. You can create report filters by date, folder, keywords, and more, and export information for one or many releases. You can also drill down on activities and link directly to the tool of origin for details.

Got 2 minutes to see how you can take the fear out of software audits? Watch our short video below to learn more:

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