When Failure Is Not an Option: From Fully Manual to Slack-based Deployments at ITIVITI

Itiviti, XebiaLabs

Every day, Itiviti executes the orders of over 29,000 institutional clients on their popular securities trading platform. That means the global financial technology and service provider supports more than 3,600 physical connections and 38 million messages a day.

Given the high stakes, deployment failures simply cannot be tolerated. And with more than 2,000 deployments a month, speed and efficiency are just as crucial.

In 2015, the company embarked on a mission to transform their completely manual, unscalable deployment process into a fully automated deployment pipeline that is kicked off by its users and driven by Slack.

Last month, Antoine Moreau, Project Manager at Itiviti, presented at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 in London, walking the audience through the company’s remarkable DevOps journey. Moreau shared the stage with Lisa Wells, Vice President of Product Marketing at XebiaLabs, as the two discussed everything from the people challenges to the technology build vs. buy decisions at Itiviti.

If you want to see how this innovate global trading company streamlined their software delivery efforts while at the same time reducing risk, watch the session now!

The Key Takeaways

  • Itiviti’s platforms were not under source control, their DEV, UAT, and PROD environments were not identical, and they were employing a tedious and manual deployment process that was not scalable.
  • Jenkins now pushes an application package to the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, enabling automatic deployments to DEV, UAT, and PROD.
  • Itiviti uses a Slack BOT, connected to the DevOps stack, to enable automated, standardized changes to be made to deployment packages.
  • Since 2015, Itiviti has enjoyed a 210% increase in monthly UAT deliveries, a 30% increase in Production deployments, and a 100% deployment success rate.


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