Introducing the Azure DevOps Extension for XebiaLabs

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re building on our Microsoft extensions with our latest integration, the Azure DevOps Extension for XebiaLabs.

While the goal of the Azure DevOps extension for XebiaLabs is still to deliver build and release artifacts from Azure right to XL Deploy, the new extension provides many performance and flexibility improvements.

What’s new?

Tasks delivered by the Azure DevOps Extension can now be executed on Azure DevOps agents that run Linux, MacOS, or Windows, increasing processing capacity and making the build process simpler and more streamlined.

The process of defining a XebiaLabs endpoint in Azure DevOps has been improved, so you can test the connection between Azure DevOps and XebiaLabs quickly and easily from the endpoint definition window. We’ve also improved the way that we handle self-signed certificates for authenticating with the XL Deploy server.

In addition, locating your XebiaLabs deployment packages is now easier and more powerful, with support for advanced search queries.

How will this impact the VSTS Extension?

Customers upgrading to the Azure DevOps Extension from the XL Deploy Extension for VSTS Extension can continue to use existing tasks for their builds and releases until something needs to be modified.

Visit the Visual Studio Marketplace and download the Azure DevOps Extension for XebiaLabs.
If you aren’t using the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform yet, sign up for a free trial to get started.

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