Ride the Wave: 7 Ways to Improve Your Software Testing Efforts

A key indicator of success in any DevOps effort is a radical removal of waste from software production. Core to this effort is an effective application testing strategy. If software is being shipped to customers that doesn’t deliver the desired value, a giant amount of time and energy is wasted for everyone involved.

TestNet, a networking organization for professional software testers in the Netherlands, regularly holds themed networking events for its members to share their knowledge and experience in overcoming the obstacles of enterprise application testing. Speaking at a recent TestNet meet up, Andreas Prins, VP of Product Development at XebiaLabs, shared the seven “waves” of software testing that companies can address incrementally to mature their testing processes.

Watch the video to learn how to create a daily testing cycle that increases the speed of development, facilitates effective feedback loops to ensure that the intended value of a new product or feature reaches customers, and how Release Orchestration enables you to tie all of your efforts together.

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