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XebiaLabs Bus Trip: The Hottest DevOps Events to Hit This Fall

The Summer is winding down but there are a number of hot DevOps events happening this Fall to keep the heat up. In addition to the road shows and live webinars XebiaLabs is hosting, we’ll be taking the XL Bus to a variety of events being put on by our friends in the industry. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening.

Live Webinar: The 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report

DevOps Events
The product of five years of research, the Accelerate State of DevOps Report compiles over 30,000 data points to better understand what makes or breaks a high-performance software delivery environment. In this live Webinar, industry luminary and co-author of The DevOps Handbook, Jez Humble, will discuss the key findings in the report. If you’re looking for insight into the best practices for boosting the performance of your software delivery environment, but don’t want to travel, this Webinar is for you.
When: Sept. 11 at 12 p.m. ET
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Jenkins World 2018 (USA)

DevOps EventsThis year’s North American installment of Jenkins World is happening next month in San Francisco. Jenkins World is billed as the largest gathering of IT executives, DevOps practitioners, and Jenkins users in the world. Come see us at the event to learn about using XebiaLabs to extend Jenkins to Continuous Delivery. Register now and get 20% off of the price by using the promotion code JWXEBLABCUST.
When: Sept. 16-19
Where: San Francisco
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DevOps North Live 2018

DevOps EventsWhile startups have the advantage of creating a DevOps practice from the inception of their business, transitioning to DevOps in a legacy environment is a different animal. With keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions featuring DevOps champions from a variety of businesses, the goal of DevOps North Live 2018 is to help organizations properly implement DevOps in monolithic, legacy environments.
When: Sept. 18
Where: Manchester, UK
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WSTA Enterprise Architecture Strategy Seminar

DevOps EventsThe one-day Wall Street Technology Association event features various panel discussions focused on balancing digital innovation with governance and regulation in complex organizations.
When: Sept. 20
Where: New York City
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CD & DataOps Breakfast 2018

DevOps EventsWe’re partnering with Delphix for this one-day event to highlight the importance of utilizing DevOps across the entire software development pipeline. Attendees will get a first-hand look at how XebiaLabs’ deployment automation tool, XL Deploy, can be used in tandem with the Delphix Data Platform to deploy legacy and container-based applications from development to production.
When: Sept. 20
Where: London
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DevOps Events

Hop on the XebiaLabs Bus

DevOps EventsWe’re hitting the road this Fall to showcase the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform at some of the country’s finest breweries. Come hear tales from the DevOps trenches, including presentations from industry leaders who are leveraging the power of release orchestration and deployment automation to standardize practices across their organizations.
Sept. 25 – Oak Highlands Brewery, Dallas
Sept. 25 – The Pike Brewing Company, Seattle
Oct. 2 – Cruz Blanca Brewery & Taqueria, Chicago
Oct. 16 – Zeppelin Hall, Jersey City, N.J.
Oct. 17 – New Realm Brewing, Atlanta
Oct. 30 – Tyson’s Biergarten, Washington, D.C.
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CoDe-Conf 2018

DevOps EventsTouting itself as the leading Continuous Delivery & DevOps conference in Scandinavia, CoDe-Conf 2018 gives attendees the opportunity to learn how to combine tooling and culture to transform the organization from engineers at some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Netflix, Spotify, and Uber.
When: Oct. 11
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
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All Day DevOps 2018

DevOps EventsAll Day DevOps is a free, online event that offers over 100, 30-minute sessions across five tracks in all time zones, simultaneously. The tracks for this year’s event include CI/CD, cloud-native infrastructure, DevSecOps, cultural transformations, and site reliability engineering. If you’re in the greater Boston area, we’ll be hosting a viewing party at our office in Burlington, MA. Come watch the sessions with us and enjoy some beer, wine, pizza, and more.
When: Oct. 17
Where: Online! Or come to the XebiaLabs viewing party from 1 p.m. – 5 pm.!

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

DevOps EventsXebiaLabs is heading to the second installment of DOES this year, this time happening in Las Vegas. Produced by IT Revolution, the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 is packed with keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, and networking events, all geared toward the tools and practices needed to drive DevOps transformations in large enterprises.
When: Oct. 22-24
Where: Las Vegas
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Jenkins World 2018 (France)

DevOps EventsThe European version of Jenkins World 2018 is happening this year in France to help attendees learn, explore, network, and help shape the future of Jenkins and DevOps solutions.
When: Oct. 22-25
Where: Nice, France
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Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2018

DevOps EventsAiming to empower attendees to create cutting-edge apps, architectures, and strategies, Gartner’s event provides eight unique tracks focused on a specific application development strategy, including improving developer productivity with DevOps, differentiating with microservices, and aligning IT strategy with the business.
When: Nov. 27-29
Where: Las Vegas
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