Continuous Delivery

Achieve Continuous Delivery with XebiaLabs Release Orchestration

Enterprises that need to speed up the delivery of products and features to their customers and to the market are turning to Continuous Delivery (CD) as a method for shortening development cycles and achieving more frequent, more reliable software deployments. But CD isn’t something that teams can implement overnight; it requires you to decide how to automatically build, integrate, and test every software change, all while moving code changes through a pipeline of environments that are more and more production-like until the application is ready for release.

No matter what your level of CD maturity, release orchestration is something that can benefit your teams right away. Release orchestration supports the process of automating and managing end-to-end software release pipelines, so you can take full advantage of the CD toolchain that you’re building without excluding release steps that still require manual work.

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform is unique because it’s designed for teams to start with the release processes and tools that they’re already using today, and it helps them move toward full CD in measurable steps.

When you orchestrate releases using XebiaLabs, you automatically get important release metrics and compliance data, so you can analyze your processes, find ways to streamline, and gather the audit information you need. With XebiaLabs, enterprises can automate the CD process for any platform—from containers and the cloud to middleware and mainframes.

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