The Road to DevOps Shangri-La: Scaling Continuous Delivery from Teams to the Enterprise

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It’s not uncommon for an enterprise organization to have hundreds to thousands of business-critical software-based services and applications. And with these organizations coming under increased pressure to deliver new software faster all the time, improving release velocity while maintaining quality is pivotal to success.

Simply put, enterprises cannot afford the unpredictable, lengthy, and inefficient processes that often come with traditional, siloed software releases. Yet so many of these organizations still support just as many individual software delivery pipelines as they do applications.

Developing pipelines independently makes it nearly impossible to scale processes across a large environment without extensive scripting or adding tools and staff, and even that will take you only so far. Any efficiency gains made by one team will remain with that one team. And in many cases, that team won’t even be able to replicate those gains in their future application releases.

To accelerate release velocity at scale, independent product teams need to work together, leveraging a series of supported pipelines across the entire lifecycle. Doing so requires a set of standard templates that product teams can leverage and configure. By standardizing on their processes, all participants can compare the effectiveness of different pipelines, understand the end-to-end lifecycle, and benefit from continuous feedback.


On the Road to Shangri-La: Scaling CD from Teams to the Enterprise

Enterprises can’t afford the unpredictable, lengthy, and inefficient processes that come with traditional software releases. In this live webinar, DevOps expert Gene Kim and XebiaLabs CPO Rob Stroud will discuss how enterprises can scale release pipelines without having to increase resources.

Want to know more? Attend this live webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand team dynamics across the software delivery pipeline
  • Scale the demands of concurrent applications, developer needs, and deploy/release rates
  • Deliver adequate security with comprehensive collaboration capabilities
  • Enable visibility into the effectiveness of each pipeline, including reporting on KPIs
  • Architect a process for oversight and management at scale

Happening live, Tuesday, April 24th 8am PT | 11am ET – Register Today!

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