Close the Feedback Loop Between Dev and Ops with XebiaLabs and OpsGenie

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Why Dev Will Fail if It Doesn’t Integrate Ops

There are teams that enter the scrum era and easily double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of deployments to production. Dev teams that finally do increase deployment speed often fall into the trap of not taking Ops into account.

It’s easy to say you have DevOps teams. However, the reality is sometimes the opposite. Development teams that do not pay enough attention to connecting to the Operations teams will run into trouble. Monitoring systems start sending alerts when applications are down. Time after time, new versions are pushed to production without properly updating the Operations engineers. Uncertainty and unstable environments present a serious risk for teams who speed up development.

Building a Dev+Ops Integration from a Tooling Perspective

The desire to better connect the worlds of Development and Operations was a key driver of the partnership between OpsGenie and XebiaLabs. Both parties believe in a connected world to achieve better results.

OpsGenie is a very strong player in the Operations area. They offer a powerful on-call scheduling functionality combined with easy-to-manage escalation schemes. So far so good—but it gets even better. OpsGenie provides a rich ecosystem with many off-the-shelf integrations just one click away. These integrations go far into the world of Operations, connecting to many monitoring, ticketing and service management tools, communication and collaboration solutions, and off-the-shelf integration with cloud platforms.

The strengths of XebiaLabs are in driving the process before Operations, pushing new software to the Operations team to release and maintain in production. By integrating both technologies, not only is a partnership born but also a new connection between Dev and Ops, bringing them closer together.

How XL Release and OpsGenie Work Together

The new XL Release plugin for OpsGenie can create, snooze, close, and delete alerts in OpsGenie. The plugin also provides tasks to enable/disable any integrations in OpsGenie whenever needed in the release pipeline. Alerts from monitoring tools can be muted easily so false positives don’t occur.


Achieve 100% Automation Even When Interruption is Needed

If you want to do a lot of deployments every day, a high level of automation is crucial. Build, testing, and compliance should—and can—all be built into your release pipeline. Achieving 100% automation is possible. And with the new integration of OpsGenie and XL Release, you can even automate what should happen if something goes wrong.

By having the integration with XL Release and OpsGenie in place, you can explore a new way of connecting DevOps better than ever before.

Download the Plugin

Download the plugin here.

Want to learn more about how you can make the most of both tools? Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post: “5 Tips to Optimize your Dev-Ops-Dev Feedback Loop.”

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Andreas Prins is Vice President of Product Development for XebiaLabs. Andreas brings real-world experience building and scaling teams to deliver mission-critical software applications. His background includes work as an Agile Transformation coach and as a former manager of DevOps teams within ING Lease, where he led the organization’s digital transformation in the areas of Continuous Development and Delivery.