DevOps at Scale and Compliance too? You Bet!

We frequently hear our customers talk about how much time and effort they spend dealing with compliance issues. And how it gets more and more difficult as they try to deliver software faster to meet business demands. And how it gets even harder at scale.

Fortunately, we’ve built our Application Release Automation tools to make compliance (almost) easy!

  • Need to prove who did what, when and how? No problem!
  • Need to involve risk and compliance teams in the complete software release process? Got it covered!
  • Need the visibility to see what’s going on across tasks, releases and environments, at any time? We can help!
  • Need to proactively mitigate release risk? Sign on up!

But what’s our secret sauce? How do we help companies ‘have their DevOps and prove compliance too’?

XL Release for Compliance

The industry’s top-ranked release orchestration tool, XL Release, automates activities and facilitates manual steps in the release pipeline. Teams have the freedom to model their own release processes and create their own workflows. And everyone — from Dev to Ops to product owners to executive management — has complete visibility into the process.

At the same time, XL Release applies its intelligent risk scoring to actively flag releases that are likely to fail, so you can prevent issues before they become problems. You can also ensure certain steps execute at a certain point in the process, important steps are never skipped, and nothing happens without appropriate approvals. After the release has executed, teams can see a snapshot of the release process along with its contents at the time of the release. The activity log shows everything that happened in a release, sortable by user, action, and a date-time stamp. And with XL Release’s detailed metrics, you can easily spot bottlenecks and see where best to focus improvement efforts.

XL Deploy for Compliance

With XL Deploy, teams get highly scalable, model-based processes to automate their deployments. An environment-agnostic tool, XL Deploy makes it easy to add new platforms and replicate deployments to any environment in a repeatable, standardized, and auditable way. If an environment or application changes, XL Deploy’s model generates a new deployment plan – no need to constantly re-script to meet changing business needs. And rollbacks can happen at the push of a button. Throughout all processes, required steps are enforced and logs are automatically captured so that compliance and audit requirements are easy to meet.
XL Deploy provides a single system of record for deployment events from the minute a deployment is requested until it’s complete – with visibility, control, and proper record keeping across all activities. It’s easy to see exactly which applications are deployed in which environments. Enjoy the benefits of a scalable, zero-touch process that is fully traceable and auditable.

“I wanted to provide a single system of record of what happens from the minute we request a deployment until the minute it is completed – all in a repeatable way with visibility, control, and proper record keeping. With XebiaLabs, we have introduced a highly visible, zero-touch process that is fully traceable and auditable.
“If you’re looking to improve, accelerate, and streamline your end-to-end software delivery, and enforce compliance requirements in a repeatable, auditable process, you want XebiaLabs.”
– Vito Iannuzzelli, Assistant VP of IT, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group

If you haven’t already, sign up now! Try XL Release, try XL Deploy and learn more about XebiaLabs and compliance!

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