5 Reasons to Deploy Daily

Gary Gruver recently released his new book: Starting and Scaling DevOps in the EnterpriseIn it he promotes the practice of releasing software on a daily basis. Here are 5 reasons why: 

1. Eliminates waterfall requirements inventory.

Waterfall planning involves a requirements inventory that’s done before the developer starts to work on a new feature. That inventory tends to slow down the flow of value through the deployment pipeline and creates waste and inefficiencies in the process. By the time the requirement gets to the developer, it might need to be updated due to questions from developer, changes in the market and so on.

2. Allows you to evolve your priorities with the market.

As the marketplace evolves, so should the priorities of the organization. Organizations that lock themselves into a large inventory of requirements tend to deliver lower value features because they aren’t able to keep up with market changes. This leads to the organization having to regularly reprioritize its requirements or forge ahead with features that don’t align with market needs.

3. Lets you find and fix repeating issues.

Infrequent, manual deployments don’t allow you to see issues repeating enough so that you can begin to identify a common cause and fix them. However, when you increase deployment frequency to daily, you start to see patterns of problems that may have been plaguing your organization for years. DevOps allows you to automate deployment so you can deploy every day.

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Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise

In his latest book, “Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise,” renowned DevOps expert Gary Gruver provides a quick, user-friendly guide for any large organization needing to understand how to start and succeed with DevOps in their own IT environment. Download the E-book Now!

4. Lets you focus on features that matter to the customer.

A full 50% of new software features are never used or don’t meet their business intent. Daily deployments allow you to get fast feedback about what’s in your release pipeline to you can identify where you need to reduce waste. This helps you deliver new features to customers faster so you can see which parts of the 50% are not meeting their business objective and stop devoting precious resources to them.

5. Promotes a just-in-time approach for requirements.


Deploying daily will help users move to a JIT approach because companies can limit their long-term commitments to less than 50% of capacity and use that capacity in shorter timeframe horizons. This increases speed of value through the system because new ideas can now move into development and ultimately production more quickly – instead of waiting in queue behind lower-priority ideas that were previously planned.

For more information on why you should be deploying daily and how to start and scale DevOps in your enterprise, download Gary Gruver’s new book for free: Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise

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