Book Review: Starting & Scaling DevOps In The Enterprise

Gary Gruver has created an operations focused DevOps book that scales. Your deployment pipeline will thank you.


“DevOps means different things to different people.”

In his new book, Starting and Scaling DevOps in the EnterpriseGary Gruver provides a unique and refreshing perspective on DevOps and it’s evolution in the enterprise. The entire 10 chapter e-book is based on one simple rule: optimize your deployment pipeline. While this topic is not foreign to the DevOps industry, Gruver’s take on optimization goes beyond the popular DevOps storylines and into the world of testing, operations and large enterprises.
Gruver often reminds the reader that DevOps is not a one shoe fits all methodology. As such, he focuses on applying the basic principles of DevOps to fit specific companies. Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise definitely leans towards the larger, more complex enterprise, even though the early chapters explore DevOps through a single developers mindset. However it does not take long for the focus to shift from team implementation to large scale adoption.

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“Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain”

Gruver is first and foremost a DevOps consultant, and Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise is like having him on speed dial. Through his experience implementing DevOps in large enterprises, Gruver is able to provide a unique perspective on the real-world issues plaguing major enterprises as they make the transformation into this new digital age. By going beyond the small team mindset, Gruver caters to Deployment Pipelines with thousands of developers, not just a two pizza team.
By focusing on implementation over the entire enterprise, Gruver hits on several not so common themes like Executive Leadership vs. Employee Empowerment. These real life topic discussions are what differentiate this book from others in it’s category. Translating complex issues into understandable tasks are what will turn Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise into a desktop classic for any IT manager.
At the end of the day, Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise is a great read for people who are serious about making change happen in their organization. This is a zero fluff book that will have readers taking notes and using it as a reference tool for many years to come. Download it now, and start getting serious about your DevOps transformation today.

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