Better Release Orchestration for Containers & Hybrid Environments

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XebiaLabs recently launched new and enhanced integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, and Ansible to help companies ensure enterprise-scale application release orchestration for all types of applications.

Release Orchestration at Enterprise Scale

The speed at which enterprises are releasing software–and doing so with a multitude of tools–is only getting faster. As a result, many companies are struggling to manage and control the release process at scale. Fortunately, release pipeline orchestration offers dynamic end-to-end automation, visibility, control, and intelligence about the complete Continuous Delivery process. 

Kubernetes, Ansible, and Docker Compose are great tools for managing steps in their own specialized environments. But that’s not enough for enterprises, which invariably are hybrid environments encompassing much more than just containers. IT teams need to go a level up to adapt these tools for enterprise-scale release pipelines. An orchestration layer lets them apply a standardized, repeatable release process across all technologies.Release orchestration for container and hybrid environments

Using XebiaLabs’ release orchestration solution, enterprises can model, automate, and analyze the most complex software delivery pipelines. IT teams get the insight and intelligence they need to identify bottlenecks, reduce production errors, and lower the risk of failed releases. These latest integrations with the XebiaLabs’ platform help further improve the effectiveness of managing container deployments and orchestrating complex DevOps tool chains across different technology platforms and application technologies.

When Can I Get the New Plugins?

The following new plugins will be available for download on the XebiaLabs website on October 7th 2016:

  • Docker Compose plugin for XL Release
  • Kubernetes plugin for XL Release
  • Ansible plugin for XL Release
  • Docker plugin for XL Deploy (available Oct. 15th)

Learn More about Containers and Release Orchestration 

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