Large Bank Delivers 60 New Applications in 3 Weeks

| September 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Imagine this. You’re the head of an IT department with 13,500 employees at a large bank. You’ve been asked to release hundreds of new features, update hundreds more legacy apps and develop 60 new business critical apps – this month. And you have to do it faster than ever because your business is becoming commoditized. Digitize now or die, has become your mantra.


This happened. A large international bank set out to bring their IT practices into modern approaches. They already used Jenkins for their Continuous Integration needs, and XL Deploy for deployment automation. To get to market even faster, they needed pipeline orchestration. They tried Jenkins for pipeline orchestration first but Jenkins failed to provide a scalable solution for enterprise release orchestration and offered little value for non-technical business users.


Pipeline Orchestration

XebiaLabs’ XL Release software helped one large international bank standardize, automate, scale and gain visibility across their release pipeline. Check out our DevOps Diagram Generator to visualize your pipeline too.

After re-evaluating their requirements and enterprise software options, they chose XebiaLabs XL Release software for pipeline orchestration. With XebiaLabs’ they achieved release automation, scalability, auditability and security. They standardized their releases, automated release tasks, managed dependencies and scaled those changes across their release pipelines. New functionality that took them 6 months to roll out, now takes 3. Releases that took 8 hours at minimum to complete, now take 30 minutes on average. 25,000 scripts were reduced to 8 standardized release templates. And in the initial rollout, they were able to release 60 applications in just 3 weeks.

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