Dropping Artifacts into XL Deploy with Dropbox

As of version 5.0.0, XL Deploy supports maven-style repositories like Artifactory and Nexus.

Find the configuration instructions here.
XL Deploy can also support referencing a web-based file-hosting service such as Dropbox with a minimum of configuration. Let’s take a look at how to set up and deploy an artifact from Dropbox.
From Dropbox, get the url by pressing the Share button for your artifact and copy the link from the resulting popup.
Then enter the url in an XL Deploy artifact, changing the server from www.dropbox.com to dl.dropboxusercontent.com.
In this example, we are deploying a file.Folder type, so the zip file will be expanded  during the deployment. We could also use file.File for a simple file or file.Archive for a zip archive we don’t wish to expand.
Finally set up the deployment and execute:
You can confirm the result below.

daves-macbook-pro-2:Demo droberts$ ls Dropbox5
pom.xml  pom.xml.backup  simple-dar  simple-weather  simple-webapp  target

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