Welcome XL Deploy 5.1: Dependency Management to Simplify Deployment of Complex Applications

How complex is your application landscape? Does your application also depend on many services and applications? If so then XL Deploy now offers a great feature for you. You can now specify dependencies between applications and components, and XL Deploy will ensure they are all met before deploying an app.
Can you even imagine moving towards Microservices without having the ability to manage the dependencies between so many components? Without automation, it is becoming nearly impossible to keep track of application dependencies and still deliver software quickly enough to meet business demands.
With the release of version 5.1 this week, XL Deploy becomes the first Deployment Automation tool to handle Dependency Management for your complex applications!

Why does it matter?

With XL Deploy’s new dependency management capability, each team doesn’t need to understand all of the dependencies in order to deploy their apps. They simply specify all of the dependencies for their own app and the tool handles the rest, ensuring all of the necessary components are in the right places. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more.


With XL Deploy, you don’t need to develop one supreme model that understands every component’s dependency on everything. You only need to understand each app’s local dependencies, and then configure them in XL Deploy.

  • Lower failure rate: Managing dependencies using an automated deployment tool reduces production incidents and deployment failures by catching problems before they occur… and reduce wasted effort and unnecessary frustration.
  • Simplify the management of components in complex architectures: Cloud and microservices environments amplify application complexity because they often involve many deployments. As well, these architectures tend to have many moving parts, and environments often change frequently.
  • No need to commit to a specific implementation or environment: you can have any architecture and any number of complex relationships. XL Deploy is completely agnostic to the underlying technology.

Adding Value to Jenkins, Puppet and Chef

XL Deploy builds on Jenkins, Puppet, Chef and other script-based tools to handle the challenges of complex deployments. You no longer need to specify the dependencies for every target, for every machine, at a granular level.
Simply outline which application depends on which, regardless of who delivers the application or to what technology stack it is being deployed.
This is why enterprises like Air France / KLM, EMC and Electronic Arts use XL Deploy to automate, accelerate and provide visibility into their software deployment process. Try it yourself today!
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