How Our Customer FINRA Does 6,000 Production Deployments A Year

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By any stretch of the IT imagination or CD pipeline best-case scenario, pumping out 6,000 production deployments each year is mightily impressive. That number of deployments is what our customer FINRA is able to do — with more than a little help from XL Deploy, the market-leading application release automation solution.

XL Deploy helps customers across all industries drive financial and business value by automating application deployment, improving visibility and ensuring compliance, while saving on operational costs.


(aka the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) is the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. The Authority has 175 applications. Some are for internal FINRA use for regulation. Some are external for firms or advisors. And some are publicly available.

How does FINRA pump out so many production deployments each year?

To get the details, watch this video featuring Kym Weiland, FINRA’s Director of Release Implementation.
The short version of ‘how’ FINRA is successful is: vision, focus, teamwork, and using the best technology available for its Continuous Delivery (CD) needs. Find the original slide deck here.

Incisive thoughts from Kym’s presentation:

Weiland noted that one of the biggest hurdles for FINRA’s adoption of CD was … “figuring out what the technology roadblocks were for delivery, and how do we streamline them? This is not so much about the agile development piece, but actually the orchestration piece and getting everything out into production. We needed to understand what innovations were required in order to move from this manual large integration into more of a services-oriented architecture as well as implementation and delivery in order for this to happen.


Weiland added that FINRA wanted to make sure that the IT department was adding value.

This is the traditional measure and monitor for success. Anytime you give a business case to executive management to get their buy-in, they want to be able to understand how much progress you’ve made and whether or not you’ve really gotten there.

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