XL Deploy’s Seamless Integration with AWS CodePipeline

| July 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

I’m at the AWS Summit in NYC, which seems a fitting place to talk about the new integration between XL Deploy and AWS CodePipeline. CodePipeline is Amazon Web Services’ cloud-hosted continuous delivery service, officially launched yesterday. As such, it’s similar to XL Release, but in the AWS developer tools ecosystem and with a focus on automated Build -> Deploy -> Test cycles.

CodePipeline’s default deployment providers are AWS CodeDeploy and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. These two are well suited to a variety of application types, but there are also plenty of apps out there – especially existing enterprise applications – that do not currently fit the CodeDeploy or Beanstalk models.

If you’re looking to deploy to enterprise application servers, portals, CMSes, ESBs; if complex database updates are part of your deployment; if you’re looking to orchestrate deployment of on-prem applications that are load-balanced on-prem, and not by ELB; if you’re looking for a consistent deployment, security and audit model that covers applications managed by CodePipeline as well as others that are still released differently – in these and many other situations, you should take a look at the CodePipeline integration with XL Deploy.

The integration is pretty simple to get running: add XL Deploy as a custom action type for your CodePipeline account, select XL Deploy as your deployment provider, configure your XL Deploy server to retrieve deployment tasks from CodePipeline, and your deployment steps in CodePipeline will be picked up and handled by your on-prem XL Deploy server. You can even have multiple deployment tasks (in different CodePipeline pipelines, or even in the same one) submitted tasks to different XL Deploy servers in your datacenters.

Download XL Deploy and learn more about our CodePipeline integration today!

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