Top 5 Places To Find DevOps News

DevOps news happens fast and that means you need to stay connected. Anything that is happening or trending in the DevOps, Continuous Delivery, or software world can always be found at one or more of these Top DevOps News Sites.
Some might say the home of DevOps news, the folks over at really understand DevOps and the amazing culture behind it. This news site follows the trends of the DevOps world and should be a Monday morning stop for any DevOps, Agile, or CD artisan.

SDTimes concentrates on software development as a whole, not just the DevOps niche. Between their “7 Trending Stories”, eNewsletter, and Learning Center, has a wealth of resources available to the modern software developer.

sys-con-If it’s happening, is there and reporting on it. Whether you are looking for the latest DevOps Days recap or the latest announcements from your favorite Continuous Delivery company, is the place to find the most up-to-date news.

A different kind of news site, is more a content aggregator than anything else. The content on DZone is user generated, meaning this is the perfect website to not only see what industry experts are talking about but also to keep up with industry trends.

A little more on the Ops side than the Dev, is one of the leaders in network and IT executive news. Network World is a fantastic combination of both in-depth tech news and DevOps business management highlights that any member of the DevOps community would find interesting.

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