XL Deploy Enables Rabobank to Accelerate Time-to-Market of its Software Products

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What a difference a year makes, when you’ve got the right software! Check out this case study on Rabobank, one of the 30 largest financial institutions in the world.

After a year of using XL Deploy, Rabobank was able to:

  • Cut software deployment time by 60%
  • Implement continuous delivery of applications
  • Eliminate 99% of errors in the application release process
  • Accelerate time-to-market from weeks to hours
  • Cut development costs
  • Free up developers to create software that adds value to Rabobank’s business

“Our biggest challenge was to create an infrastructure proposition that helped to greatly reduce the time to market of our product innovations and improvements.”

~ Sander Ettema, manager of Unix/Linux IT Infrastructure, Rabobank

Another major challenge for Rabobank’s IT department: reduce the risk of downtime caused by deployments going wrong.

“Our primary focus was on improving the value of the IT infrastructure, not on cutting costs or reducing downtime,” Ettema noted. “However, we wanted to find a solution that would address all of those challenges. We were getting too many complaints about project delays due to configuration problems with IT infrastructure.”

To read the Rabobank case study, click here.

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